Experience and achievements
140 Projects, Over 100,000 ha, 3 Patents in world-class, state of the art fertigation technology.
With a group of collaborators, I have participated in the design, construction, and/or equipment supply of more than 140 irrigation projects that in total span over 100,000 ha (250,000 acres), the vast majority of them in drip irrigation for intensive agriculture all the later ones involving our patented smart hydrant and proprietary software for precision fertigation.

Former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto

The Irrigation District 001 of Aguascalientes is the first in the country to have a technified irrigation infrastructure at the plot level. With this technified system, the use and administration of water resources are becoming more efficient to bring it to 90%. If we manage to become efficient with the system that we are inaugurating today, if we manage to replicate this model throughout the country, which will undoubtedly demand significant investments, the potential that making use of this technified system may have precisely to produce new food products, reconversion, and crops that are more profitable. It is a project that is the first in the country, we want to achieve this benefit in other parts of the country, the modernization of the field is an area that is important.

May 2014

Former Mexican President Felipe Calderon

The modernization of Irrigation District 01 is a leading project of this type. In Mexico, it has the intention to increase the efficiency in the use of resources in irrigation units, through the technological development of the information systems and the training of the producers. The modernization consists of the substitution of the water transportation system in canals for the irrigation of 6100 hectares of plots of land, an important part of the national program for the sustainable use of water in agriculture.

June 2008

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox

As a man of agriculture, I know how hard it is to collect enough water for the crops that we fondly take care of. I come here happy to accompany you in this exemplary modernization of the oldest irrigation district in Mexico, but that is now the most equipped, pioneering, and an example for the rest of the country. Aguascalientes is now at the forefront in sustainable water management. By finalizing this huge effort in 2007, you, as well as two thousand families of shareholders of common land and small owners, will have a better control and higher performance of their crops. I share with you this solcitude to leave a strong legacy for our new generations.

October 2006

Relevant Projects
  1. System Carrizo/Vista Hermosa, Jal. 11,250 ha for 3,214 Farmers (In bidding process).
  2. Farmers Association in Chalacatepec, Jal. 2,200 ha for 312 Farmers (In construction).
  3. Irrigation District 001 in Pabellon de Arteaga, Ags. Mexico 6,100 ha for 2,439 Farmers (In operation since 2010).
  4. Irrigation District 044 in Jilotepec, Edo Mex. 4,000 ha for 2,756 Farmers (Started in 2014 and truncated in 2017).
Case Study: Irrigation District 001,
Pabellon De Arteaga, Aguascalientes, Mexico

This is the first and oldest irrigation district in the country. The modernization project was thoroughly planned by a group of talented engineers from multiple fields, which I had the privilege of leading. The project takes the water from the President Calles dam constructed in 1928 and through a main GRP pipeline of 1.8 m (72 in) in diameter travels under the riverbed for 1 km to then continue on its right bank. A couple of km later, two underwater crossings of 150 and 300 m (500 and 1,000 ft) across and up to 47 m (150 ft) deep were needed to cross the diversion dam Jocoqui. After 7.3 km, the line reaches a granular media filtration platform composed of 320, 48 in. filters in parallel to remove solids above 80 microns for 3,840 and 7,300 LPS, nominal and maximum flows respectively (60,870 and 115,720 gal/min), to finally travel in a tunnel for 1.4 km to reach, after a total of 9 km (5.6 mi), the southwest corner of the district.

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